Memories of Christine Roberts (nee Evans)

In the late 40’s, early 50’s Whittleford Park was mine and my sisters playground. With our jam sandwiches and a bottle of water, we would cross the level crossing in Blackatree Place (now a footbridge in Vale View) and head for the brook. On warm sunny days it was the meeting place for parents and children. Parents would sit on the banks talking, whist the children played in the water.

With our jam jars or tins, to put our catch in we would fish for sticklebacks, tadpoles and other creepy crawlies. We would dam the brook making it deeper for paddling. We had rope swings over the brook and off the banks off Acacia Road, where we would swing high over the tops of bushes, sometimes scratching your legs.

When they were building Camp Hill we used to make see-saws with the builders planks over large pipes. The brickyard was still working at this time, but once Camp Hill was built, residents started complaining about the soot on their washing and windows. I don’t know whether this helped towards the closure.

The tip (which is now the play area at the top of Vale view) was always burning and glowing red and one child fell into this and was very badly burned. I do remember seeing a small plane down in the tip but I can’t recall the details about it.

As children we thought the area now called Whittleford Park was a great place to play, hunting for grass snakes, lizards, newts etc., which were easily found, wild flowers to take home to your mother, and today we still think it is a great place.

Christine Roberts (nee Evans), of Vale View recalls memories of the area now called Whittleford Park and the part it played in her childhood.

One of Mr Lowe’s Horses kept on the land that is now Vale View which was made up of a series of hills that were smoothed out when the houses were built.
(courtesy of Yvonne Everitt)