Kings Coal Piece. E1: Tram Tub on the site of the Tramway.

From Bricks to Nature Heritage Trail
Interpretation Points E & E1

The site also has a coal mining history and it is thought that it is because of the coal mines that the clay was first discovered. As coal seams were excavated clay was found and discarded (as a waste product) but Mr James Knox saw its value, especially of the blue clay, and decided that the clay was not waste but a valuable material.


As the brickworks expanded and the early clay holes were used up and new ones were dug out, to transport the clay from clay holes 3 and 3 a tramway was built. It passed this point and consisted of 4 tubs running up and down the track (without a driver!) between the clay hole and the tippler. The stone shows how the tubs used to look – you can find a real one from the works at Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre.

Many people recall how children used to play on these tubs when they were on sections of the line that the men couldn’t see!